Paintin' the Town !
Art by Shana Sanders
Jan Butterfield
We offer private lessons, homeschool classes, and paint parties at your home or place of busines. We owned an art studio for three years and could no longer justify the overhead expense, when we had dreams of building our own art stuidio on our own property. While this plan is in motion we are still offering private lessons and homeschool classes in our home, and will bring the party to you.


Shana Sanders

Jan Butterfield

Shana is the owner and one of the artists at Paintin' the Town. She studied Liberal Arts at Tulane University before beginning a 24 year career as a flight attendant at Continental Airlines. Shana has two children that she has homeschooled for ten years. She volunteers as a swim coach for Montgomery Aquatic Race Club, as well as being a merit badge counselor for art, swimming, and personal management for the Boy Scouts of America. Being able to combine her love of teaching and art has always been a lifelong dream for Shana.
Jan is Paintin' the Town's manager as well as an artist. She is very involved in homeschooling two of her grandchildren. She retired from Tulane University, and then retired again from the City of Houston, only to begin a third career helping her daughter build a business, from which she will never be able to retire. Jan's educational and carrer background are in interior design and facilities management.

Jordan Sanders

Jordan is currently a homeschool student and artist in training. She is the 3rd generation of artists working in our studio